Hillside Public Library Patrons have the ability to take advantage of the Nassau Digital Doorway eBook & Audiobook Program. 

  • Patrons can take out up to 5 eBooks at at time. 
  • eBooks will be removed from your account and returned automatically in 14 days.
  • Patrons may also reserve up to 7 titles at a time.


You can use the Overdrive App to borrow and enjoy digital titles from our library.


How do I use Overdrive?

  1. On your phone or tablet, install the Overdrive app from your device's app store or directly from app.overdrive.com
  2. If prompted, create a free Overdrive account and sign in.
  3. Find and save our library's Overdrive collection in the Overdrive app.
  4. Open our library's Overdrive collection, sign in, and borrow or place a hold on a title. You'll need a valid library card to complete this step. 
  5. Borrowed titles will appear on your CHECKOUT page. From here, you can:
    -Download titles to the Bookshelf
    -Read, Watch, or Listen to titles right in your browser (without adding them to the app)



Need Help with Overdrive?

Please use this form to contact Overdrive for Support.*





Looking for More Digital Content??? 


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Did you know that that all New York State residents can apply for a New York Public Library card?

Sign up online and a NYPL card will be mailed to your home. Use the card to access even more downloadable audiobooks, music, and video from the NYPL's collection.